Silk flowers bouquet roses Dorotea

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Silk flowers the bouquet of roses “Dorotea”

Handmade, made in the technique of Japanese art Somebana, 100% silk, hand-dyed.
Stem height ~ 30 cm. Bud diameter 4-4.5 cm. There are 9 flowers in a bouquet. They can be an integral part of a composition or a small mono-bouquet. An elegant gift, interior decoration.

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Handmade silk flowers made in the technique of Japanese art Somebana are admired and collectible, they are presented as gifts and on special occasions.  No wonder this elegant art form is called poetry embodied in silk.

 All the details of flowers – petals, stems, leaves are cut out of fabric and dyed by hand.  The work uses natural silk and other high-quality floral fabrics made in Japan.  Coloring is done with handmade deer hair brushes and Sayoko Yasuda signature paints.

 How to place an order.  Accessories can be selected from the finished products available.  Pay attention to the specified size.

 When placing an order for an accessory, write your wishes for color and size, the size is indicated approximately by the diameter of the flower (without leaves).

 When ordering bouquets / compositions, the cost of the product is calculated individually, depending on the type, number of flowers and the complexity of their manufacture.  It is important to note: the term of the order is agreed in advance.

 Payment for the order – 100% advance payment.  In case of cancellation of the order, a refund is made minus 50% after the return (receipt) of the product

 To send the finished work, you must provide: index, postal address, e-mail, full name.  recipient and mobile number  phone.

 The track number and a message about the readiness of the order are sent via previously agreed communication channels (mobile phone, e-mail, WA, others).  Sending EMS is carried out at the expense of the customer and is agreed in advance.

  Care instructions: Flowers in a bouquet perfectly retain their shape;  silk does not accumulate static voltage, does not attract dust, does not require special care, except for – keep away from water and other types of liquids;  do not spray with flavoring and other types of liquids (oils);  when moving/shipping, place in rigid boxes of sufficient volume to maintain shape;  do not wrinkle with hands;  do not squeeze;  do not place in direct sunlight.

 You can always contact me: mob +7(914)1818440 + Whatsapp +Viber



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