California Coast Painting California Ocean Beach Original Wall Art Pine Tree Impasto Oil Painting on Canvas by 12×16 inch

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*Original Oil Painting

*100% hand painted by Valentina Kiklevich.

*Painting size: 12×16 inch, 30×40 cm.

*Materials: oil paints, stretched canvas, linseed oil, palette knife.

*Sides are painted. Ready to hand.

*The painting is sold unframed. The photo shows samples of the decor.

*Professional packaging.

*Shipping with tracing number.


California Coast Original Oil Painting, California Ocean Beach Original Artwork, Pine Tree Impasto Oil Painting on canvas.

California Coast Painting

California Coast Painting

The painting is painted with a palette knife on a stretched canvas.

The painting represents a beautiful California coast.

Painting California Ocean Beach

Painting California Ocean Beach

This colorful painting will be a great addition to your art collection.

This artwork will be a wonderful gift for your family and friends.

Pine Tree Impasto Oil Painting

Pine Tree Impasto Oil Painting

Please note, the colors in the photo may vary depending on your monitor settings.

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California Ocean Beach Original Wall Art

California Ocean Beach Original Wall Art

Title: “California Dreamscapes”

This stunning piece of art transports you to the captivating California coastline with its vivid portrayal of natural beauty. The painting, measuring 12 by 16 inches, captures the essence of the California coast with remarkable detail.

At the forefront of the composition, a pristine sandy beach stretches along the canvas, leading your gaze toward the endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The beach is bathed in warm, golden sunlight, inviting you to take a leisurely stroll along its shore.

Tall, majestic pine trees stand proudly on the beach, their lush green needles contrasting against the azure sky. These trees, with their graceful silhouettes, create a sense of tranquility and connection to nature.

The artist’s use of impasto oil painting techniques adds a tactile dimension to the artwork. Thick, textured brushstrokes bring to life the rugged texture of the pine bark and the frothy crests of the ocean waves. This technique not only adds depth to the painting but also allows the viewer to feel the energy of the scene.

The play of light is masterfully captured, as the sun’s rays dance on the water’s surface, creating a shimmering effect that draws you into the painting. The colors, ranging from deep blues and greens to warm earthy tones, evoke a sense of both serenity and adventure, reflecting the diverse landscapes found along the California coast.

“California Dreamscapes” is not just a painting; it’s an invitation to experience the natural wonders and tranquil beauty of the California coast. Whether you’ve visited this iconic location or dream of doing so, this artwork serves as a window to the soul of the Golden State’s stunning coastline.