Black Crow Painting Oil Bird Original Art Raven Artwork on Canvas by Ivonina

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Original painting the Black Crow is the guardian of the family. The British believe that the raven brings good luck and prosperity to the family on the roof of whose house it sits.

Size: 12 х 12 х 1 in

Materials: oil paints, stretched canvas.                                                                                                                                                          Style- Impressionism.

PACKAGING: The painting will be carefully wrapped in and protected with additional packing. SENDING with tracking number.


“Black Crow” painting on canvas, work professional oil paints. Original artwork size 12 x 12 x 1 in.

Impasto painting is painted with a palette knife. The thickness of the ends of the picture is painted with oil. Impressionist painting style.  This painting on canvas fits perfectly into the interior without an additional frame.

SHIPPING: The Painting will be carefully packaged with wrap foam for protection. I will do everything nessesary for the painting to be delivered in a perfect condition. Sent with tracking number.

Please note that the colors in the picture may vary, depending your monitor settings.


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