Dawn over the Pacific Ocean Original Oil Art On Cardboard Landscape Home Decor 14×18 cm (5.5×7 inches)

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The beach with rocks in Cannon Beach is a picturesque place that attracts romantics and travelers, one of the most famous beaches of the Pacific coast of Oregon, USA. The beach is famous for its mesmerizing sunrises and views of the rocks rising from the water. The artist depicted in his picture the moment when the twilight parted and the glow was already visible, but the sun had not yet appeared. The picture is filled with many colors and shades, looking at this work there is a feeling of joy and anticipation of a new day.

* Original handmade oil painting on cardboard.
* Size: 14×18 cm (5.5×7 inches) If you want to order a painting in a different size, please contact me.
* Materials: cardboard, professional oil paints.