Flowers Painting Abstract Floral Original Art Kandinsky Style 15″ by 12″ by YanatMasterworkArt

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Flowers Painting

The original handmade painting.
Size: 15″ by 12″.
Materials: gouache, brush, paper.
Reliable packaging and shipping with a tracking number.
Free shipping. Directly from the artist.


Flowers Painting

The painting “Still life with flowers in a vase in the Kandinsky style” is painted with gouache and brush on paper.
This is not a print, this is an original composition in size 15″ by 12″ (37 cm by 29.5 cm), drawn by me personally.Flowers Painting
My signature is on the front and back sides.
This photo is unframed. Choose a frame with glass to your liking.
The painting should be hung on the wall in such a way that direct sunlight does not fall on it.
It will be securely packed to protect against moisture and possible damage and sent to you with a track number within 1-3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).Flowers Painting
The colors may vary depending on your monitor settings.
The size of the drawing in the interior photo is approximate and may differ slightly from the real one.
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A still life with flowers in the Kandinsky style is a painting in which the artist creates a vivid and abstract image of a floral composition. Upon close examination, such a work reveals to the viewer the richness and emotionality of the world of colors.Flowers Painting

One of the characteristic features of this style is bright and saturated colors. The artist uses a palette of various shades, including reds, blues, yellows, oranges and greens. He combines them into unique combinations, creating an expressive and rhythmic image of the composition.Flowers Painting

In Kandinsky’s work, each color acquires its own emotional significance. Red flowers can symbolize passion and energy, blue – tranquility and melancholy, yellow – joy and sunshine. All of them embody the emotions and moods that the artist is trying to convey through his work.