Hummingbird Painting Flower Original Art Bird Artwork Floral Wall Art Small Impasto Painting 8″ by 8″

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Hummingbird painting will be MADE TO ORDER right from my studio. The painting in the photo is already sold. Your painting will be very similar in color and composition, but not accurate.

The production time of the hand-drawn painting takes 3 – 5 business days to paint, and at least another 2 – 4 weeks or so to dry. This oil painting is textured, which means thicker paint and therefore a longer drying time. After complete drying, the painting will be sent to you by mail.

Shipping: wrapped in cardboard and plastic film for protection. Comes with tracking.

Size: 8 by 8 inches (20 by 20 cm.)

Materials: oil paints, panel, palette knife

Style: Modern, Abstract, Impasto

On the front and backside of the painting – copyright signature.

Please note:

– The painting is delivered without a frame.

– The colors in the photo may vary depending on your monitor settings.


Hummingbird, a small and brightly colored bird that lives in forests among beautiful flowers, symbolizes joy, happiness, ease of life and enjoyment of every moment of it!

Hummingbirds, because of their small size and colorful plumage, resemble precious stones, gems and, perhaps, an amazing rarity.

The bird reminds us that the joy of life lies in the little things. We need to learn to see and find joy in everything we do. The hummingbird embodies the ability to appreciate the moment “here and now”.

And also hummingbird is a symbol of great energy and vitality, because a bird can be in flight for several hours in a row, constantly flapping its wings. And it’s so amazing!

The image of a Hummingbird will bring positive emotions to its owner and give new ideas 🙂


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Hummingbird painting. 100% Original oil painting – hand-painted on panel. Small format colorful painting for a gift to your relatives and friends.


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