Jesus Painting Catholic Original Art Spiritual Artwork Christian Wall Art Oil Panel 14 by 11 inch ARTbyAnnaSt

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Jesus Painting Catholic Original Art  Spiritual Artwork Christian Wall Art Oil Panel 14 by 11 inch


Artist: Anna Startseva

Original oil painting  (100% hand-painted)
– Title: “Jesus” Spiritual wall art.
– Painting requires framing in a baguette.
– Size : 36×25 сm ( 14  by 11 inch )
– Material: panel, oil paints, brush, varnish.
– Artist’s signature on front and back.

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Original Jesus painting – artwork christian. A painting of Jesus that is an original Catholic art piece, embodying the rich tradition and spiritual depth of Catholicism. This masterpiece not only serves as a beautiful work of religious art but also as a profound expression of faith, capturing the essence of Jesus’ life and teachings.

catholic jesus painting

catholic jesus painting


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catholic wall art

catholic wall art

– Delivery time 2-6 weeks.

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catholic artwork for sale

catholic artwork for sale

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original christian art for sale

original christian art for sale

You can see more of my artwork by going to my store:

Title: “Divine Serenity: Portrait of Jesus”

This magnificent artwork, titled “Divine Serenity: Portrait of Jesus,” is a profound representation of spiritual depth and reverence. Measuring 14 by 11 inches, it encapsulates the essence of Jesus Christ with remarkable detail and devotion.

At the forefront of the composition stands the serene and compassionate countenance of Jesus. His eyes, deep and filled with understanding, seem to gaze directly into the viewer’s soul. The artist’s use of oil paint on panel lends an exquisite richness to every nuance of the portrait.

The soft and gentle lighting in the painting casts a warm glow on Jesus’ face, highlighting the wisdom etched in every line. His beard flows gracefully, symbolizing both humility and strength, while his aura exudes a profound sense of spiritual grace.

The intricate details of the painting extend to the attire, where Jesus is adorned in traditional garments that evoke the historical and cultural context of his time. These details serve to ground the viewer in the profound heritage of Christianity.

The background of the artwork is bathed in a soft, ethereal light, symbolizing the divine presence that surrounds Jesus. It is as if the heavens themselves are shining upon him, reaffirming his role as a guiding light in the lives of the faithful.

“Divine Serenity: Portrait of Jesus” is not merely a painting; it is a portal to a deeper understanding of faith and spirituality. It invites the viewer to contemplate the profound teachings and enduring love of Jesus Christ, offering solace and inspiration in moments of contemplation.

Whether displayed in a place of worship or in a personal space, this artwork serves as a reminder of the enduring power of faith and the eternal message of hope, love, and redemption that Jesus Christ represents in the hearts of believers. It is a testament to the profound connection between art and spirituality, inviting all who behold it to reflect on the spiritual journey and the enduring legacy of Jesus.


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