Lilac Painting Oil Flowers Original Art Floral Artwork Canvas Art

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Title “Lilac painting”

Size 20х20 cm (8 by 8 inches).

Materials: oil paints, canvas board, palette knife.

Original floral painting – painted on canvas.

-Frame is not included. The picture is not framed!


In the realm of visual poetry, where every stroke tells a tale and every hue sings a ballad, resides the “Lilac Painting” by Liliy Ganzha. This exquisite piece, measuring 20×20 cm (8 by 8 inches), is not merely a painting but a portal to a world where flora reigns supreme, rendered with the loving touch of a true artist.

Crafted with the utmost devotion on a canvas that beckons the observer to immerse in its depths, this original floral painting comes ready to grace your wall, whispering tales of enchantment and beauty. The front side of this textured marvel boasts the author’s signature, a seal of authenticity and a bridge to the creator’s soul.

lilacs painting original

Ganzha’s medium of choice, oil paints, dance on the canvas board with a life of their own, applied with a palette knife’s boldness and a brush’s tender caress. This blend of tools brings forth a masterpiece where contrast, fluidity, depth, texture, and impact converge in a symphony of visual delight. The painting’s thick texture, a testament to the palette knife’s prowess, plays with light in a way no brush could, imbuing the piece with a dynamic sense of movement and a palette of subtle highlights that breathe life into the lilac essence captured on canvas.

However, it’s important to note the absence of a frame, a deliberate choice to focus the viewer’s attention on the raw beauty of the artwork itself. While the photo may suggest a framed presentation, the “Lilac Painting” stands unbounded, inviting the admirer to envision it within their personal space, tailored to their unique aesthetic.

Please be aware that the vibrant colors seen in the painting may vary slightly on different monitors, a gentle reminder of the unique interaction between art and viewer, mediated by technology’s lens. Yet, the promise of vibrancy and the richness of color are guarantees Liliy Ganzha confidently makes, ensuring that the essence of the painting is faithfully conveyed.

When it comes time for this masterpiece to journey to its new home, meticulous care will be taken to package the painting, ensuring its safe arrival. Wrapped with precision and shipped in a sturdy carton box, every measure is taken to protect the artwork, reflecting the artist’s commitment to her creation’s integrity from her studio to your home.

In the “Lilac Painting,” Liliy Ganzha offers not just a piece of art, but a slice of her passion, a colorful narrative set against the canvas of imagination, ready to unfold its beauty and charm in your personal sanctuary.


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