Red Fox Painting Animal Original Art KIds Room Wall Art Oil Canvas 16 by 20 inсh

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Red Fox Painting Animal Original Art KIds Room Wall Art Oil Canvas 16 by 20 inch

– Artist: Anna Startseva.

– Original oil painting on Canvas
– Title: “Magic Fox” Animal artwork. Kids room wall art.
– The painting requires framing in a baguette.
– Size : 40×50 см ( 16×20 inch )
– Material: canvas, oil paints, brush, brush

– Signed by the artist on the front and back.



In the enchanting realm of Anna Startseva’s artistic vision, a captivating creature emerges from the canvas – the Red Fox. This original oil painting, titled “Magic Fox,” serves as a mesmerizing addition to any space, especially suited for adorning the walls of a child’s room.

Red Fox painting

With delicate brushstrokes and a keen eye for detail, Startseva brings the fox to life, capturing its essence in vivid hues and dynamic textures. The fox’s fiery coat seems to shimmer with an otherworldly glow, while its piercing gaze exudes a sense of mystique and wonder.

Fox painting original

Measuring 16 by 20 inches, this piece beckons viewers to immerse themselves in its enchanting world, where imagination knows no bounds. Its presence evokes a sense of whimsy and adventure, inspiring young minds to dream and explore.

Fox painting for kids room

As a testament to its authenticity, the painting bears the artist’s signature, gracing both the front and back of the canvas. To preserve its beauty for years to come, it is recommended to frame the artwork in a complementary baguette, ensuring its longevity and enhancing its visual appeal.

Red Fox original painting

“Magic Fox” stands as a testament to Startseva’s talent and passion for capturing the natural world in all its splendor. With each stroke of the brush, she invites viewers to embark on a journey of discovery, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur and the spirit of the wild roams free.


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