Red Hydrangea ORIGINAL Watercolor

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Red Hydrangea in watercolor. Original Painting, not PRINT.


Red Hydrangea in watercolor. Original Painting, not PRINT.

It must be said that in modern times, hydrangeas are more and more associated with positive attributes.
Professionals in the spiritual and creative fields love to have them around as they claim that this flower helps them tap into their inner-self, which in turn helps them connect to the universe.
This is not surprising as this is a plant that is associated with emotions “from the heart”. They are also often used to accompany gifts to mothers as it signifies gratitude, love, and thankfulness.

★Important: the color of the image may vary on different digital screens.

☆TITLE “Maybe Spring”
☆ARTIST: Elena Tuncer
☆SURFACE: Watercolor on cotton paper Fabriano, Acid-free 300g
☆Size: 30.5×45.5 cm/ 12×18 inches
☆ DATE: 2021 June
UNFRAMED: the image with the frame is for illustration purposes only.
♡Made with love!
♥︎The artwork will be signed by the artist and will send with the certificate of authenticity.