Rose Painting Hydrangea Original Art Floral Artwork

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Rose Painting Hydrangea Original Art Floral Artwork

Size 12 by 10 inches

Materials: panel, oil paints, palette knife

100% hand-painted piece of art one of a kind by Nata ShRay Shiriaeva

Colorful textured impasto flower painting would be a great addition to your flower palette knife art collection. The texture and strokes can be seen in the close-up photos.

Original flower painting. Unframed. The author’s signature is on the front side and on the back side of the textured flower wall art.



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Please note that the colors in the picture may vary, depending your monitor settings.

This artwork is one of a kind bright colorful impasto flowers painting. I make really vibrant colors. And I use harmony absolutely stunning textures.

My floral painting oil on panel, using mainly palette knife, with thick application, bold strokes, painterly detail and rich colors.

The palette knife gives my art a unique combination of contrast, fluidity, depth, texture and impact. I do not typically use a brush, as I prefer the way I can mix buttery paints and smear them on my canvas with a flexible metal blade.

The amazing thick texture achieved with the knife reflects the light more than a regular brush painting and gives a beautiful sense of movement, with subtle highlights.

Shipping: The painting will be sandwiched between two pieces of foamcore boards. Shipped with tracking.

Returns: You may return for a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product. Customer is responsible for shipping.