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Sad clown – an original oil painting on canvas by Maria Roeva (MyFoxyArt).

Materials: stretched canvas, palette knife, oil paints, brushes, clown.

Colors: white, gray, blue, red.

Size: 8×8 inches (20x20cm)

This oil portrait of a clown will be carefully protected in bubble wrap, packed in cardboard.

Shipped with tracking.

Frames shown for illustrative purposes only and are not included.



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Sad clown – an original oil painting on canvas.

Materials: stretched canvas, palette knife, oil paints, brushes, clown.

Colors: white, gray, blue, red.

Size: 8×8 inches (20x20cm)

Are you in search of a captivating and evocative piece of art to adorn your space? Consider an original sad clown painting, a timeless expression of melancholy and introspection. Each brushstroke tells a story, conveying the complex emotions hidden behind the clown’s painted smile. Whether rendered in somber tones or vibrant colors, these paintings invite viewers to contemplate the deeper layers of human experience. From the iconic imagery of Pierrot to modern interpretations of the sad clown archetype, there is a wealth of options to explore in the realm of sad clown art. Add a touch of poignancy and depth to your collection with an original sad clown painting that speaks to the heart.

sad clown painting

Sad Clown painting is an original oil painting on stretched canvas that measures 8×8 inches (20x20cm). The painting was created using a palette knife, oil paints, and brushes, and features a clown as the subject.

original sad clown painting

The color palette of the painting includes white, gray, blue, and red, which suggests a melancholic and somber tone. The impasto technique used with the palette knife creates texture and depth to the painting, giving it a tactile and three-dimensional quality.

circus painting sad

Overall, the painting sounds like a unique and intriguing piece of art that captures the emotions and complexities of a sad clown in a circus setting. It will be shipped with tracking and carefully protected in bubble wrap and cardboard. Please note that frames shown in any accompanying images are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with the painting.

Creepy clown

A creepy clown is a popular figure in horror movies, literature, and pop culture. They are typically depicted as a clown with exaggerated features, often with a menacing or evil demeanor. Creepy clowns are often associated with horror, fear, and a sense of unease. They can evoke feelings of anxiety, discomfort, and even phobia for some people.

creepy clown painting

The origins of the creepy clown character can be traced back to the archetype of the trickster, a mischievous and unpredictable figure in folklore and mythology. In modern times, the character has become a popular trope in horror and is often used to subvert the traditionally cheerful and playful image of a clown.

In conclusion, while the character of a creepy clown may be unsettling or frightening for some people, it is ultimately a fictional character used for entertainment and storytelling purposes.

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