Field of red poppies oil on canvas 19 x15 in Original artistic floral painting on canvas Original Art

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Title “Field of red poppies” Size 60×50 cm (23,62 by 19,69 inches)
Materials: oil paints, canvas board, palette knife. The original flower painting is painted on canvas. -The frame is not included in the package. A picture without a frame!


Painting A field of red poppies in oil on canvas Painting of poppies Red poppy field oil painting A painting with flowers on canvas painted with a palette knife. Spring poppies are red in a field against a blue sky background.  Size oil painting on canvas 60×50 cm (23,62х19,69 inches)
The painting is unframed, the absence of a frame, a deliberate choice to focus the viewer’s attention on the pristine beauty of the work of art itself. Although a photograph may suggest a framed presentation, the “Field of Poppies Painting” is not limited to frames, inviting the fan to present it in his personal space, taking into account its unique aesthetics. Please keep in mind that the bright colors visible in the painting may vary slightly on different monitors, which is a gentle reminder of the unique interaction of art and the viewer mediated by a technological lens. Nevertheless, the promise of brightness and richness of color are guarantees that Irina Yusupov confidently makes, ensuring that the essence of the painting is accurately conveyed. When the time comes for this masterpiece to go to its new home, careful care will be taken to pack the painting, ensuring its safe arrival. Neatly packed and shipped in a sturdy cardboard box, the work of art is protected by all measures, which reflects the artist’s commitment to the integrity of her creation from her studio to your home. In the painting “Poppy Field” Irina offers not just a work of art, but a piece of her passion, a colorful narrative on a canvas of imagination, ready to reveal its beauty and charm in your personal sanctuary.

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Dimensions 60 × 50 × 5 in


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