Peony Painting Flower Original Art Floral Artwork Pink Flower in Vase Oil Painting 14 by 18 inches

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Handmade 100% peony painting

Title:  Pink Peony

Size: 35 by 45cm (13.8 by 17.7 inches)

Media: Original oil painting on canvas panel

Year: 2022

Peony is one of the most propitious flowers in Feng shui and has come to symbolize love, well-being and prettiness.

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Check out the original oil peony painting, artwork by Alla Goncharova.
The author’s signature is on the front side.
The artwork is unframed.

peony paintings for sale

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Shipping: Wrapped and shipped in bubble wrap for protection.
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pink flowers painting

The photo shows only examples of the design of the painting and its location in the interior for clarity.
This painting is a wonderful birthday gift.
Please note that the colors in the peony painting may vary depending on your monitor settings.

pink flower painting

The painting of pink flowers is a stunning representation of nature’s beauty. The artist has captured the delicate and intricate details of pink flowers in full bloom. The use of a muted color palette with shades of pink, white, and green adds a soft and calming effect to the painting.

The flowers are painted in a realistic style, with each petal carefully crafted and textured to create a lifelike appearance. The artist has also paid attention to the shadows and highlights, adding depth and dimension to the flowers.

peony paintings for sale

Overall, pink flowers are a beautiful piece of art that captures the essence of nature’s beauty. The intricate details and lifelike appearance of the flowers make it a perfect addition to any art collection or a stunning standalone piece.

Peony paintings are a popular subject in traditional Chinese art and have been depicted by many famous artists throughout history. The peony, also known as the “king of flowers,” is considered a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune in Chinese culture.

In these paintings, the peony is often portrayed in full bloom, with large, lush petals and a vibrant, rich color palette. The flowers are typically depicted in a naturalistic style, with careful attention paid to the details of the petals, leaves, and stems.

One of the most well-known peony paintings is “Album of Peonies and Chrysanthemums” by the famous Chinese painter Wang Ximeng, who lived during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 AD). The painting features a large, central peony surrounded by smaller flowers and chrysanthemums, all set against a background of rolling hills and rocks. The brushstrokes are delicate and precise, capturing the essence of the peony’s natural beauty.

Another famous peony painting is “Peonies” by the famous artist Qi Baishi, who lived during the early 20th century. In this painting, the artist used a bold, impressionistic style to capture the lush, vibrant beauty of the peony. The brushstrokes are loose and spontaneous, creating a sense of movement and energy in the painting.

Overall, peony paintings are a beautiful and meaningful way to appreciate the natural beauty of these flowers and the rich cultural significance they hold in Chinese art and culture.